AOPC Member Spotlight

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Karen Russ

Karen Russ was a long-time AOPC Member who helped establish our current library, while helping with many other functions of the club during her later years.

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Roger Taylor

Roger was a long-time member of AOPC who was Vice President from during 2017 and 2018.
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Ron Russ

Ron has been a long-time member of AOPC and has been a key member in helping continue AOPC over the years. 

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Brandi Burton

Brandi has been a member of AOPC since 2014. She enjoys nature photography of all kinds but animals are her favorite.

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Bobby Burton

Bobby is a local photographer who has called Arkansas home since 2002. He has been a member of AOPC since 2013 and served as President from 2015 through 2018.

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Kay Taylor

Another long-time member if AOPC and Conway native.

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Alex Kent Photo

Alex Kent

Alex is a commercial photographer and educator who’s had a lifelong interest in nature and photography. He has been a repeat presenter at the AOPC since 2015 and began serving as the club president in March 2022.

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Corky egendoerfer

Outside of photography, Corky enjoys boating, fishing, and making stained glass items.

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cindy dawson

Cindy is a long time member of AOPC in addition to serving as President of the club.

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nick dawson

Nick has been a member of AOPC since 1999 and has served as President, Treasurer, and newsletter editor at various times over the years.

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