Please recap your past involvement with the club and say how you became interested in it and its activities. What aspect of the club have you enjoyed or benefited from the most? I became a member in 2014 after seeing a group from the club camping at the buffalo. I was relatively new to photography and really needed some direction. The thing I benefited the most from was the field trips and the help within the club. I was shooting on auto and had no clue how to do otherwise and the field trips really got me into a hands on position with my camera and it changed my photography completely.

When and why did you first become interested in photography? I became interested in photography sometime around 2011 or so after going to the beach and taking pictures with my point and shoot. I got home and wanted to print some of my photos and they were grainy so I decided I wanted something better since we were starting to travel more.

What areas of photography especially interest you? I would say landscape, animals, and abstract interest me the most. I thought I wanted to do night photography until I learned just how much post processing was involved and then I quickly changed my mind.

Which areas of Arkansas do you especially like to photograph? If I shoot in Arkansas it is almost always up in the area of the Buffalo River, and I also like to shoot waterfalls in the spring.

What other interests do you have outside of photography? My other interests are camping, hiking, and travelling. Really anything that gets me outside, especially in the woods, I’m happy. The outdoors is my therapy for sure.

some of BRANDI’S photos