Please recap your past involvement with the club and say how you became interested in it and its activities. What aspect of the club have you enjoyed or benefited from the most?  After seeing a posted notice, Nick and I attended one of the early club meetings at the Arts Center. Later, after being invited to a meeting by Tom Kienzle, we attended a meeting at the Game & Fish building when Harris Lloyd was president. To Nick’s initial dismay since we didn’t know the people there, I volunteered us to be newsletter editors. But that role helped us to get to know the other members better. Eventually, I was elected Vice President and then served a year as President after David Fuqua. Several years later, I volunteered to again serve as President when Bobby Burton stepped down. They were both hard acts to follow, but I enjoyed my several years as an officer of the club. For me, one of the best things about the club is the friendships made here. The photographers involved (members and speakers) and their photos enrich my life, and all so generously share their knowledge with others in the club. Plus, we learn so much about other places and cultures through other photographers’ trips and their photos taken all over the globe.

When and why did you first become interested in photography?  In my late 20’s, I got my first SLR, a Nikkormat, and it was then that I realized photos taken with it were so much better than my Instamatic ones. When I married Nick, he was already a wealth of photographic knowledge and a teensy part of that has rubbed off on me. It has become a fun hobby we have long shared.

What areas of photography especially interest you?  I am especially interested in certain subjects, the top ones being horses and dogs, and also travel photography and some family photos/portraiture. Nick and I have been wedding photographers for a few family members and friends and since it is not paid work, that has been enjoyable. I am also interested in the process of optimizing photos, such as in Photoshop, although I am certainly not expert at it.

Which areas of Arkansas do you especially like to photograph?  My garden and other gardens; Eureka Springs and northwest Arkansas, especially in the fall, or anywhere else having colorful fall foliage.

What other interests do you have outside of photography? 
Lots of them, now that I am retired—a few of them are keeping up with 4 dogs, gardening, triking, genealogy, baking, artistic pursuits, and resuming volunteering post-pandemic at the Little Rock Animal Village. I am also interested in education issues, since for years I have been serving on the governing board of LISA Academy.

some of Cindy’s photos