Please recap your past involvement with the club and say how you became interested in it and its activities. What aspect of the club have you enjoyed or benefited from the most?  I joined the club in 1999, about a year after it was formed. We met founding member Tom Keinze l at the Little Rock Zoo while photographing tigers and he invited us to a meeting. We became members at that time. I have been the President, treasurer/secretary and newsletter editor at various times in the past 23 years of membership. I enjoy the varied lectures and talks on a variety of photo-related topics, taking field trips with like-minded folks to parts known and unknown and the “camaraderie” of my fellow photo-fanatics!

When and why did you first become interested in photography?  I was seven when my dad bought me a Kodak Brownie for our first family trip abroad to France from the UK. He was an avid photographer and passed his hobby on to me. By the age of twelve he and I were processing and printing black & white prints in a home darkroom. I have love printing ever since (digital prints now though).

What areas of photography especially interest you?  I love wildlife and nature photography best, closely followed by travel photography.

Which areas of Arkansas do you especially like to photograph?  The Ozarks in the fall color season, the River Trail in Little Rock/North Little Rock.

What other interests do you have outside of photography?  I have always cycled a lot, both road and mountain biking (racing mountain bikes until a few years ago). Travel to all areas of the USA (especially national parks) and abroad. I have been lucky enough to visit numerous countries and photograph them. In recent years taking cruises has expanded my travel horizons further. I also have started volunteering at the Arkansas Foodbank since I retired and enjoy the (hard) work involved. It helps me keep fit! I have also always been an avid reader and in recent years have learned how to build my own computers.

some of nick’s photos